AC Tips to Help Keep Your Home Cool and Efficient

AC Tips to Help Keep Your Home Cool and Efficient

The air conditioner is a key component in keeping your home cool and comfortable during the hot summer months. However, many homeowners are reluctant to use their AC unit because of the expense. When your HVAC system is inefficient, you can expect your utility bills to soar.

Fortunately, there are many AC solutions you can use to stay comfortable during summer. We’ll be looking at the four most efficient examples:

AC Tips to Help Keep Your Home Cool and Efficient

1. Check the SEER Rating on Your Unit

The SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) rating is the metric used to measure the capacity and energy-efficiency of a cooling system. The higher the rating, the better the performance. If your AC’s SEER rating is 14 or higher, it’s pretty efficient. If your SEER rating is in single digits, you should consider getting your unit replaced.

2. Make Sure Your AC is Properly Sized for Your Home

Your air conditioner should perfectly fit the size of your property to cool your living spaces most efficiently. An undersized AC will not be powerful enough to handle the job and will run incessantly, boosting your energy cost. A system that is larger than necessary, on the other hand, will have a shorter cooling cycle and stop repeatedly. That can trigger unwanted repairs that will lead to a premature replacement. If you believe the size of your current AC is a problem, one of our technicians at Northside Services can help you find a right-sized replacement.

3. A Central AC Can Cool Your Entire Home

Several types of air conditioners can efficiently cool your home and the central AC is one of the premier options. It’s a cooling system that’s connected to your ductwork and has the ability to cool your entire home. Unlike conventional air conditioning units, the central AC consists of two parts: the indoor and outdoor units. Because of this, it doesn’t occupy a lot of space while efficiently cooling the entire home at one consistent temperature.

4. A Ductless AC is a Great Zoned Cooling Option

If your home doesn’t have a duct system, a ductless AC might be your ideal unit. Like the central AC, the ductless system has an indoor and outdoor unit. However, it doesn’t need any ductwork to keep individual rooms cool and it operates on a zoned cooling system that allows you to set different temperatures in different rooms throughout the building. The ductless unit is known for its superb energy efficiency, with SEER ratings that can go as high as 25.

Trust Northside Services to Keep Your Home Cool & Efficient

Now that you know these helpful air conditioning tips, you can prepare your air conditioner and home before the hottest stretch of summer arrives. When you need help following through on these tips, be sure to contact Northside Services or give us a call at (813) 975-8815. Northside Services provides superior air conditioning services at customer-friendly prices for homeowners in Tampa, Florida.