Heat Pump Repair In Palm Harbor, FL

Heat Pump Repair In Palm Harbor, Tampa, Wesley Chapel, And Surrounding Areas In Florida

Heat Pump Repair by Northside Services

Heat pumps are an excellent alternative for buying an HVAC unit to maintain the ideal home temperature and help keep your electricity bills in check. However, since they are complicated devices, it requires effort to install them. Contact us today for Heat Pump Repair In Palm Harbor, Tampa, Wesley Chapel, And Surrounding Areas In Florida.

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Therefore, it is important to take good care of your device because heat pump repair or replacement can be expensive. But do not worry because you can fix heat pump issues with some quick steps.

1. What are some Indications that your Heat Pump needs a Repair?

Here are some indications that your heat pump unit needs a repair service.

  • The heat pump runs constantly: A faultlessly functioning heat pump will run and rest at equal time gaps. However, when there is a fault in your heat pump, you find your device running constantly. The reasons could be dirty coils or air filters and faulty thermostat settings. However, you can fix this issue by reviewing the thermostat settings.

The thermostat settings should remain in auto mode, and the device temperature should be between 68F and 72F. In addition, you can try changing your heat pump’s air filter if this process fails or clean the coils using a gentle bristle scrub and a damp cloth.

  • The heat pump short cycles: It indicates a problem if your heat pump device begins turning on and off quickly. While there are many reasons, the wrong thermostat position, overheating, or the incorrect dimensions of the heat pump could be the potential issues behind the problem. Never put the thermostat where it remains exposed to direct sunlight. It will notice a higher temperature due to sun rays. In addition, replacing your heat pump air filters should fix the overheating issue.
  • The heat pump is not working accurately: You turn on the heat pump, but the device is not working. You adjust the thermostat settings, but still, there is no difference in the situation. You should inspect the thermostat settings. The control might be on the offsetting, or there might be an electrical problem that you can review by opening and extracting the thermostat panel.

The problem can be the heat pump is operating, but you are not receiving the warm air indoors. If this is the situation, clean the heat pump registers installed in your home with a clean and damp cloth. You can wipe it again with a clean and dry cloth.

2. Heat Pump Issues that Require Repair Services

  • Refrigerant leak
  • Compressor failure
  • Blown up fuse, faulty electrical connections, or loose components.
  • Problems with the reversing valve.
  • Strange noise or odor coming from or around the heat pump unit.
  • Thermostat replacement


There are several advantages of investing in HVAC system repair and service plans. These repair service plans help prevent massive issues like compressor damage, refrigerant leak, faulty blower belt issues, etc. It comes at convenient rates, and you do not have to stress scheduling the service.

Our technicians at Northside Services are there for you every time you encounter a problem regarding the heat pump repair. Call us for correct guidance, an honest opinion, or to resolve your queries regarding the services or the effective service plan, and we would love to hear from you.

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