How Often Should You Service Your Air Conditioner?

Overlooking the need for regular AC maintenance by skilled professionals can lead to a sudden breakdown of your AC. The steps to maintenance and AC service in Tampa, FL, include regular cleaning, scheduling tune-ups, and trimming shrubs around the outdoor AC unit. These precautions are recommended for enhancing the AC’s condition, and avoiding costly repairs.

The Value of Air Conditioner Maintenance

If you want to extend the life of your air conditioner, ensure you check it frequently. There are several advantages in maintaining your system regularly:

  • It makes the system’s operation and functionality easier. 
  • Avoid any massive problems.
  • Maintain effectiveness.
  • Over time, more energy is needed for your AC to operate correctly.

Maintaining its efficiency through routine AC service in Tampa, FL, will help you reduce your power costs.

How Often Should You Service Your Air Conditioner?

AC maintenance should be performed by certified HVAC technicians at least once a year. To keep your power costs affordable, your air conditioning specialist will thoroughly inspect your unit during the service to search for any problems, clean the filters and ducts, and ensure it operates properly.

You should schedule your AC service a month or two before the hottest temperatures arrive. If you schedule your servicing during this time, you can ensure that your air conditioner will function when you need it most.

When to Get Your AC Serviced?

It is recommended that you have your HVAC system serviced twice a year— before the arrival of summer and before the arrival of winter. Spring are both considered ideal times to service your air conditioner; while fall is the best time to get your heater serviced.

It is common for some people to spend most of their time outside without using their air conditioners. It is also possible to have AC serviced only once a year in this situation. To cope with summer heat, you will need an efficient air conditioner to handle the summer season after the spring season ends.

Checklist for AC service

AC servicing should include the following steps:

  • Testing the blower.
  • Inspecting the motor.
  • Examining the drainage line.
  • Coil inspection.
  • Temperature checks.
  • Examining the amounts of refrigerant.
  • Examining the connections and supply cables.
  • Look into the compressor.
  • Examine the coil fins. 

It is essential to schedule an annual maintenance service appointment to keep the system working efficiently and minimize the need for AC repair in Tampa, FL.

Importance of Cleaning Filters During Servicing

Air filters should be cleaned every one to three months, depending on usage. As a result, energy efficiency is maintained. Consult our air conditioning expert before choosing a filter since there are several types, and the number of blockages they accumulate varies depending on usage. 

You can wash and reuse some filters while replacing others with fresh ones. If cleaning the filters every month isn’t feasible, you should do it at least once every three months.

Bottom Line

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