How to Repair an Air Conditioner That’s Not Working

With summer almost here, soon it will be sweltering outside and the last thing you need is to sweat inside your own home due to a faulty AC. But before calling a professional, there are a few things you can try yourself to fix your AC unit. And don’t worry, you do not need a degree in engineering to do these simple repairs. As the leading provider of reliable and effective AC service in Tampa, FL, Northside Services is here to inform our customers of the measures they can take to restore the functionality of their AC units.

Check Your AC Filter

Inspect your air filter routinely to check if it is dirty and clogged with dirt or debris. A dirty filter can hinder airflow, making the AC unit work harder, which can cause it to freeze up or shut down. It is recommended to change the filter every three months or according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Check Your Thermostat

The thermostat controls the temperature in your home and tells the AC unit when to turn on and off. If the thermostat is not working correctly, it can cause the AC unit to malfunction. Ensure your thermostat is set to “cool” mode and the temperature is correctly set. A malfunctioning thermostat can cause the AC unit to work improperly. If the thermostat is not working, try replacing the batteries. If these measures do not fix the issue, contact our professionals for a detailed and efficient AC repair in Tampa, FL and all nearby areas.

Clean Your AC Unit

Cleaning the exterior of the unit can help maintain optimal airflow. Dust, dirt, debris, leaves, and branches can accumulate on the exterior of the unit, which can decrease the airflow and cause the AC unit to work harder. You can clean the exterior of the unit with a hose, but avoid spraying water directly into the unit to prevent possible damage.

Clean Your AC Drain Line

As the heat starts the rise outside, it is normal for your system to drain more water through the drain line. It is common to experience back-ups or clogs in this line. If you find your condenser isn’t kicking on or your thermostat is blank, you can try to clear out the line yourself. Using a shop vacuum, apply suction at the outside line until you remove everything possible. Additionally, you may add a bit of vinegar in the line to sit. If the line doesn’t drain, you may need one of our trusted techs to treat it chemically and blow it out with high-pressure gas to remove the build-up. Proactive maintenance helps prevent these clogs, and we highly recommend it to avoid unwanted surprises in the summer. 

Inspect Your Electrical Breakers

Whether a brief power surge or nuisance trip, one of the first things to do when your AC isn’t running is to check the breakers. If you had recent housework done, it is possible someone accidentally left the breaker to your AC off, or maybe the power flickered for a moment and tripped the breaker. Either way, flipping the breakers off for a few minutes and turning them back on can sometimes be the quickest fix for your AC troubles. If they become tripped again immediately, we recommend leaving them off and calling our team because there could be a problem with the AC.

Call the Professionals

If you’ve tried all of the above steps and your AC unit is still not working, it’s time to call a professional. Trying to fix an AC unit on your own can be dangerous, and if you’re not experienced in working with the intricate components, you could hurt yourself or cause further damage to your unit. At Northside Services, our well-equipped and experienced professionals in Tampa, FL can diagnose and offer prompt and professional AC repair to the issue with your AC unit, ensuring it works efficiently and effectively.

If you’re experiencing issues with your air conditioning unit, don’t hesitate to call a professional for assistance. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and ensure your AC unit functions at its best!