Should You Turn Off Your AC If It’s Leaking?

It may be worrying if your air conditioner begins to leak, especially in Tampa, where the weather is becoming warmer as summer progresses. Numerous things might cause the leak, but the most important thing is to take action immediately and get in touch with a professional to fix the leak as soon as you see it.

You can easily avoid AC problems in the summer if you schedule AC service in Tampa, FL, at the beginning of the summer.

Quick Solution To Stop The Leakage Temporarily

If you see any leaks, AC maintenance experts in Tampa, FL, suggest switching off the air conditioner.

Switching off the AC is important because it will prevent more water from flowing. The air conditioner is more vulnerable to harm the more water it loses. It can damage the circuit board and internal components if the water goes inside the AC system.

Remove as much water as possible from the area to prevent it from leaking into your air conditioner. Call a technician to inspect the system and look into the issue.

Reasons Why Water Is Dripping From Your AC System

AC service experts in Tampa, FL, have listed the reasons why your AC system is leaking:

  • An Issue In The Condensate Drain Pipe: Your air conditioner may be leaking for several reasons. The most frequent one of them is the problem with its condensate pipe. Condensation forms in the drain line when the hot vapor is evacuated from the air in your home. If there is a blockage in the condensate drain pipe, it can cause leakage.
    You can use a mild condensate drain cleaning agent or vinegar and baking soda to clean it.

  • Frozen Evaporator Coil: Evaporator coil freezing is another probable reason for AC leaks. If you see a film of ice covering your home’s interior evaporator coil is the cause. You must immediately switch off your air conditioner if you haven’t already. You should not delay calling the AC maintenance in Tampa, FL, to fix the issue because operating an HVAC system with a frozen evaporator coil can damage the compressor, which can be expensive to replace.

  • Broken Drain Pan: Leaking can also be caused by damage to the inner components of your air conditioner, such as the condensate pump or drain pan. If condensation doesn’t end up where it should or if the pan is broken or damaged, it will end up somewhere else, most likely in a puddle outside your air conditioner.

Bottom Line

In case of a leak, it is best to switch off the HVAC system and call a professional technician to inspect it.

In all these situations, calling a reputable professional AC service technician in Tampa, FL, is the best way to guarantee that your air conditioner works efficiently. Hiring a knowledgeable HVAC technician is the only way to address the problem without further damage.

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